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Tall side walls—that's what makes the Vermont barn unique. Measuring 10', 12' or 13.5', the extended eave walls create a look of historic barns as well as offering great space options on the inside. High first floor ceilings, a kneewall upstairs for more usable square footage, or both. Efficient use of space is made possible by placing the sliding barn door on the far end thus utilizing the storage area in front of the car bays.

Originally patented and used for freight car doors, the "roller door" was introduced in the 1840's. The door slides across from a track above and makes opening and closing a simple task while preventing sagging common in large hinged doors.

Andover Vermont Car Barn Andover
Previously VCB had built a cabin for customers Pete and Carolyn. Now they are enjoying a new oversized Vermont Barn to house their tractor, vehicles and other equipment. The trademark tall walls, barn sash windows, and row of lites or transoms above the oversized garage doors were all incorporated in this car barn. Using full span TJI joists to support the floor system no posts were needed to clutter the floor plan. With a 10/12 pitch there is much space for storage upstairs. Attractive and no maintenance standing seam roofing was the finishing touch.
Another angle | Original cabin

The owners Kit and Chip contracted Vermont Country Builders to erect a post and beam "frame only" for their Vermont Barn. Hemlock rough cut timbers were delivered to the site, cut with oversize saws and fashioned into place. Horizontal nailers are installed for the vertical siding, the window framing made from 4" x 4"'s are precise and uniform and thick milled planks are screwed into place as stair treads.
VCB team with homeowner
Manchester Vermont Car Barn

Vermont Car Barn Dorset
This two-car barn qualifies as a "Vermont Barn" due to the 12' side wall height. Opening 6 lite barn sashes flank the side and a single transom is uniquely centered under the "X" trimmed loft door. Detail. More storage area is obtained by creating a shed to the rear where the ground slopes off. At a later date lee and susan added a shed section to the right, and have found many ways to fill this incredible new space.

Having worked hard to turn a mountain of ledge into a spectacular Vermont homestead, Nate chose us to attach a 26 x 34 oversize 3- car Vermont Barn to his house. Custom wood-sheathed Garage doors and Slider and Cupola are upgrades which complete the "barn look." With access to the pond and landscaping to the rear, this barn has doubled for entertaining friends and even an occasional bluegrass band.
Vermont Car Barn

Vermont Car Barn Windham
Taking it one step further, Brian increased the standard 24' x 32' dimensions to 26' x 34' allowing generous room for swinging doors, housing tractors, firewood or building a workbench—what a difference a few feet make! When building, there are always leftover wood scraps and young Matt put them to good use. Photo. Take a look at this barn in progress. Siding

These homeowners had a garage—but not like this! After uncovering ledge at the site, a decision was made to erect a 24' x 36' 3-car barn on a floating slab. A sliding third door creates access for lawn equipment while open rear stairs lead to a spacious storage loft. Fluorescent strips were installed to supplement the standard lighting and brighten up the workbench area. Rick and Anne upgraded the second floor system to beamed joists and pine sheathing for more authenticity. Deluxe floor
Vermont Car Barn

Vermont Car Barn Stratton
Ross oversized his car barn the same as the Windham barn, though reversing the sliding door and interior stairs to better fit his site. To avoid upright supports that interfere with vehicle doors opening, a steel carrier beam was set. It seemed a shame to modernize the frame with the steel so the steel was enclosed with pine thereby preserving the visual impact of the post-and-beam framing. Rafters

Stalls were installed in one half of this vermont barn addition and were designed to be removable if two car bays were preferred. A picture window sits to the right of the overhead doors, which are topped with lanterns. Attaching the structure to the house offers obvious advantages to the homeowner, especially in winter. Thanks to our young friends who supplied the workers with brownies and lemonade. Another view | Under construction
Vermont Car Barn

Vermont Car Barn Weston
This barn is big, bold and beautiful and offers loads of extra storage space. The walls were insulated and sheathed with plywood; now the barn serves as an insulated workshop with 3 garage bays. Upstairs, in addition to a knee wall, there's a vast area created by the 28' width. Bill kept a close eye on us from his nearby chair and seemed to like what he saw. Final touches include enclosing the unsightly meter box and building a mini-roof to shelter the side door.

Though not quite considered a bank barn- a tall concrete foundation acts as a retaining wall to the rear. Placing the 3 garage bays on the eave side allowed this 24 x 38 VT barn to fit neatly on the site with plenty of room to maneuver. A steel beam spans the full length avoiding upright supports and a side door gains access directly to the upstairs. Erik and Nancy decided to have a large 32 wall Dormer with five insulated windows installed in preparation for a bright future
office or studio.
Vermont Car Barn

Vermont Car Barn Virginia
After searching the internet far and wide, Cuong found that our 3- Car Vermont Barn was the perfect fit to display his auto collection. The tall ceilings accommodated storage lifts for additional muscle cars, the sliding barn door gave him a third bay, and the Vermont Post & Beam Frame was a must. The long distance was a challenge on both sides, but details were nailed down, deposits mailed, foundations installed and the crew headed south to Virginia.
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