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Traditional Home

What is it about a timber-framed building that speaks to us so passionately? Is it the idea that you can see the craftsmanship that supports the entire structure, the simplicity of the straight lines and right angles, or the sheer girth of the beams and timbers themselves? There is rarely a promotional photo of Vermont that does not contain a historic barn-country and barns are intrinsically linked. Vermont Country Builders focuses on frames that emulate old New England barns.

The timber members we build with are functional, not ornate; they are straight, not curved; and they are sawn from our native trees of hemlock. The mortise-and-tenon joints are crafted by hand, not machine drilled.

The customer can choose to leave the beams rough and rustic or planed smooth and oiled with chamfered edges giving a more finished look. We often sheath a rough frame with square-edge style pine boards to simulate Vermont barns. The dressier frames sport sheetrock sheathing which by contrast defines the timbers. High R-value stress-skin panels are applied to the outside so the full dimension of the frame is exposed. Informal vertical pine siding or traditional horizontal clapboards exteriors vary the appearance of the finished product significantly. From rugged to elegant, a timber-frame home can transform your dream into your country home.

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This tasteful Vermont home in Londonderry was both designed and built by Vermont Country Builders. The home is efficient and creative with its use of smaller, simpler space by building beds into nooks and crannies , using barn board for doors and choosing antiques for the bathroom sink and other decor.
Living Room | Kitchen & Dining | Master Bathroom | Bathroom | Guest Bedroom

Barn Home


Jim and Debbie have completed phase one of their Vermont Dream Home. A deck, addition with 3 season room and completion of the upstairs is planned along with a future garage, but for now this barn is a handsome and comfortable get-a-way. Bronze Marvin Integrity doors and windows compliment the barn-red stained shiplap siding. Local sawn hemlock beams were fauxed in after the shell was complete to add character and warmth. Soapstone countertops and pewter details supplement the painted teal cabinetry to make this a dressy barn home.
Beams | Kitchen | Dining | Stairs

Timber Frame Barn
Photos by Celia Kelly


A true hybrid marrying timber frame construction in the main cape and conventional stick-built for the rest. The great room was divided into three sections partitioned by the bents and posts: kitchen with sitting area, larger center section for living room and dining near the triple windows. Upstairs the timber kneewalls are visible in the bedrooms. The beams were dressed (planed and chamfered) and ceiling height was increased to 9' for more open effect. Contrasting sheetrock walls expose the wood further.
Frame | Hand Crafted Joinery | Kneebraces | Kitchen/Living | Dining
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New England Gable Barn
Originally designed as Vermont Country Builders office and shop (see links below) this barn was transformed into a rustic yet elegant living space. Walls were opened up, tile installed on the radiantly heated concrete, eyebrow windows cut into the stresskin panels, and the loft above dining area opened up to below. Closets with display above and 2 panel shaker pine doors were added and a touch of sheetrock to contrast with all the pine. Wide and thick timber stairs and a post and beam entry completed the makeover to a 3 bedroom 2½ bath barn home.
Dining | Kitchen | Pine & Mahogany | 2 Panel Doors | Loft
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